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De bedrijvenmarkt heeft dit jaar plaatsgevonden op dinsdag 10 maart, in de Senaatszaal van het Academiegebouw. Aanwezigen konden in drie uur tijd rondkijken bij alle stands van bedrijven. 

Bent u geïnteresseerd in een stand tijdens de bedrijvenmarkt en/of een ander interactiemoment met onze leden? Helix biedt diverse mogelijkheden om uw bedrijf zichtbaarder te maken. Voor meer informatie kunt u altijd contact opnemen met de commissaris extern via een e-mail naar, of telefonisch via 06-13975076, t.a.v. Anne Schmitz.

This year’s Company Fair has taken place on Tuesday March 10th, in the Senaatszaal of the Academiegebouw. In three hours time, attendees were able to walk around, have a chat and gain information about all companies. 

Are you interested in a place on our Company Fair and/or another moment of interaction with our members? Helix provides various possibilities to give your company more exposure. Get in touch with the commissioner of external relations by sending an e-mail to, or call to 030 253 6984 and ask for Anne Schmitz. 

Entis supports asset managers in building investment portfolios with sustainable returns. Entis has strong expertise and knowledge in the intersection of artificial intelligence, unstructured data, and thematic and factor investing. Entis aspires to be a game changer, developing new reliable analytical methods to mine uncharted investment territory.

The Entis team consists of PhD level professionals with backgrounds in AI, computer science, physics, astrophysics and engineering with years of experience in professional business consulting. Their integrated skills, combined with the innovative culture and technical infrastructure, make Entis a global front runner and leading co-creator of a new investment paradigm.

Saving energy together, for a better world. That is Energiepartners’ goal. When you don’t need the energy, sustainable generation isn’t needed as well. Our EnergiePlanner easily shows daily energy use. Using a concrete plan for action, we help companies to start saving energy in a simple way. Energiepartners set up structural change, as sustainability isn’t fixed in a single moment.

City Hub likes efficient solutions. Therefore, City Hub provides smart external stockrooms for firms to support them with stock management and facilitating supplies with green city transport. Whatever logistic question, City Hub has a smart solution!

For almost ten years already, Soulve Innovations is active in realising consumable healthcare. This means healthcare is easy to obtain, for patients, caregivers and managers. Over fifty employees are working for innovative healthcare in leading academic and top clinical healthcare organizations, national and international.

How? By developing a product in which all gained knowledge is combined. A product that effectively supports healthcare organizations, the people that work there and their patients. All this to fundamentally improve healthcare. This product is MediMapp.

Joust supports young professionals by training and supporting junior consultants in the fields of Data Analytics and Financial Management. Joust makes it possible for young professionals to develop skills and talents in projects, traineeships or special training. Joust is the place to be for quick but ambitious and longlasting skill development!

Innofunding realises successful financing processes for innovative projects since 2005. For risky investments in innovation, various governmental schemes, such as subsidies, credits and tax benefits exist. Innofunding helps entrepreneurs in ICT and circularity to obtain such financing, so that they can realise, commercialize and scale up their innovations.

The professionals of Balance combine resourcefulness and integral thinking to achieve sustainable results. We work for projects regarding infrastructure, area development and the energy sector. The larger or more complex the case, the better! We know more as consultants as we share our experiences and set the standard high. We make cross connections which work accelerating, clarifying and improving. We balance all challenges and problems to reach a long lasting, strong result.  

There is also an Inhouseday at the office of Balance on April 21, so keep this date free;)

At Movares, we provide our clients with smart advices and designs in the field of infrastructure and mobility. More than 1000 employees work together closely with our clients and partners. Movares’ core values form the base for these cooperation’s: involved, sustainable and innovative. Our motto is: We connect, and this summarizes our view on the world.

Sustainable Healthcare Challenge inspires, supports and stimulates students and young professionals to become an entrepreneur in healthcare. The Sustainable Healthcare Challenge (SHC) creates the bridge between entrepreneurial young people, professionals and healthcare sectors.

PNO Consultant grew from their own start-up roots to a European market leader in grants, innovation and project management. Every day more than 400 people work from different offices in Europe on small to big projects, from start-ups to multinationals, educational institutions and universities, sector organisations, technological platforms and even governments. By helping them in sharpening their innovative plans, finding subsidies and managing their projects, PNO hopes to contribute accomplishing large challenges.

Dialogic is an independent research and advice company that works on innovative projects in the public domain. We support governments, knowledge institutions and intermediary organisations with policy research and strategic advice. Thereby, we develop and implement innovation methods for data collection, data-analysis and data-visualisation.

Our clients get what they want: good subsidy projects for a fair price. No hit and run, but a focus on sustainable relationships. We contribute to the strengthening of innovative power by realizing an intensive cooperation between knowledge institutions and companies. Our job starts with the ambition of our clients, so that we deliver what it is really about: developing subsidy projects with additional value.

E-Connection develops, realizes and manages complex and innovative wind energy projects for over thirty years already, in good consultation with her surroundings as well. With a core of 10 professionals, E-Connection works from her offices in Bunnik and Kamperland, where wind parks are managed. This way, E-Connection brings all disciplines needed for these projects together.