Career Month

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Helix has been organising a ‘Career Month’ for their students since 2010. The month of March is entirely dedicated to career and future orientation. Over the years, activities like workshops, lunch lectures and inhousedays have been succesfully helping students with their careers. The Career Month always begins with a spectaculair Company Fair in the Senaatszaal of the Academiegebouw in Utrecht. At this Company Fair, everyone who is connected to Helix is welcome: students, alumni, lecturerers, donators and sponsors. This is the perfect opportunity to meet other students and potential employers!

This year, the Career Month is centered around the ‘Chain of Innovation’. It is going to be an interesting month for NW&I, IS and SBI students in which you will get career prospects, interesting cases and learn new skills! Keep up with this page to be informed about the latest news regarding the Career Month 2019! 

Company Fair

The Company Fair is the first event of the Career Month: the kick-off. This year it will take place on Monday, March 4th from 19:00h until 22:00h in the Senaatszaal of the Academiegebouw. In this three-hour lasting event, you will be able to walk around the Fair and talk to all the companies. Make sure to block the evening in your calendar! The following companies will be present at the Company Fair: 


TEKKOO accalerates innovations from idea to upscalable business by forming the bridge between corporates and start-ups. They like to work in more technical environments, making the innovation just a but more challenging.  READ MORE ➞

Atos Consulting

The consultants at Atos Consulting have a wide view on the market, follow innovation trends and new developments and offer verifiable added value to their customers. They are engaged, professional and customer-driven. READ MORE ➞


We are UtrechtInc Students, the hub for students at UU who are interested in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Our mission is to Empower Student Entrepreneurship in Utrecht. READ MORE ➞

Solve Consulting

Solve offers students the opportunity to use their full potential and raises them to be socially aware young professionals. You will get the chance to work on practical challenges and attend traineeships and workshops together with a case-team. READ MORE ➞


Dialogic is an independent research- and advice bureau working in the public domain. They support governments, knowledge institutes and intermediary organisations bij researching policy and giving strategic advice.  READ MORE ➞


Entis supports asset managers in building sustainable investment portfolios and achieving better investment results. Entis is a spin-off from Deloitte and is an independent business unit of APG, the biggest Dutch pension investor. READ MORE ➞

Soulve Innovations

[To be translated]. READ MORE ➞


More than anything, OGD strives to be a meaningful IT partner. They believe that added value is the basis for any successful collaboration. They provide this added value by using only those technologies that help build reliable and flexible IT solutions for all their customers. READ MORE ➞


For companies

Are you interested in having a stand at the Company Fair and / or another interaction moment with our students? Helix offers a variety of possibilities to give your company more exposure. For more information, please contact our commissioner of external affairs, Wouter Westerdijk, by e-mail through or by phone through 030 253 6984.