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This is your chance to go beyond the expected. To find out what it is like to work for a consultancy that makes a lasting impact in the world and performs meaningful work that delivers real value to society. What you can expect Over a 2-4-month internship you’ll get a sense of what it’s like to work at BCG. This is more than an opportunity to bolster your resume, it’s the chance to launch a career at BCG!

You will have the opportunity to thrive in a supportive environment full of curious, driven, and caring people. We are an intellectually and culturally diverse team that is committed to nurturing your professional and personal development. This is an accelerated learning experience that will serve you for a lifetime.

You’ll be undertaking impactful project work that drives positive societal impact around the world. You’ll experience a unique learning environment with extensive training and mentoring by experienced BCG Consultants. You’ll take responsibility for specific components of a client project by working with the world’s top minds from diverse backgrounds on cases that reshape business, government and society.

At BCG we believe that when we start with beyond, there’s no limit to how far we can advance the world. Join us to discover how our diverse, inspirational team tackle unprecedented challenges and deliver innovative solutions throughout the world.


Apply today to gain a full perspective of life as a BCG Consultant – from collaborating on challenging projects to socialising with colleagues from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines. To apply for an internship, please submit your application before May 15, 2023. Please find application details here.

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